Another Marvel Square for you Patient People!

Forgive me! I’m a little disorganized sometimes when it comes to following a schedule. There are only 3 squares left (2 after this one) and they will certainly be completed in time for you lovely people to complete your blankets by Christmas. I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product!

One of the main reasons I’ve been so delayed with writing more patterns for squares is because I was originally hoping that I would be able to catch up to you guys! I’ve come to accept the fact that it simply will not happen. My university courses are in full swing and I am madly trying to prepare for my upcoming markets as quickly as I can. This little project will have to wait until I have my winter/semester break.

I’ve chosen the infamous Falcon as the next Marvel square. I thought he was deserving of having his own square for a few reasons. 1) He’s super cool and super brave to fly around all of the time with essentially a winged backpack on. 2) He started off being somewhat “anti-Avenger” but eventually joined the party anyways. 3) Falcons are just really cool birds.

Let’s get started!


I tried to be a little more detailed with this one, so I included some shading! Consider this shading to be optional, as you need very small amounts of the different shades of gray.If you don’t have any scraps of gray lying around or don’t want to buy three whole balls of yarn just to get the shading right, don’t worry about it. Choose one (or two) and work with that! I would suggest definitely sticking with a dark gray and then if you want to try adding a second colour, use a medium gray or classic gray and opt out of the light gray.

I think this is my favourite grid so far. I was nervous about the shading, but I think it adds a little extra “something” that the other grids haven’t had yet.

My boyfriend took a look at this grid and didn’t understand what the little “sideways 8” was in between the two wings. It’s Falcon’s goggles, just in case anyone else was wondering!

Here is the grid:


As always, I highly recommend printing this out and crossing each square off with a pen as you go. This will help you not get lost in the multiple different shades of gray. This pattern was designed in a mirror image effect, so if one side is different the whole thing will look a little off-balance.

I used a D for dark gray, and G for gray (medium gray), and an L for light gray. R is obviously for red, but I’m planning on using a nice dark burgundy that matches his outfit in the movies/comics. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing!

I can’t wait to see your finished squares and blankets! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #marvelgraphghan so I can see your beautiful progress. This is going to be an amazing piece once it is all finished up, and if you are planning on giving it away as a gift, the recipient is going to be ecstatic!


Granny Square Triangle Scarf – Free Pattern!

You might as well go to your local yarn store and buy a ton of yarn right now, because I can guarantee you will not be able to stop making these.


For the longest time, crocheting triangles seemed impossible. I couldn’t figure out how to make such a sharp point. It’s honestly a little embarrassing how long this took me to do! I found a similar pattern a while ago and I never got past the third step because I didn’t see the triangle taking shape, so I thought I was making a mistake somewhere. Finally I just sat down and tinkered with the pattern and voila, a large triangle was made.

See? Look at how happy I am that I figured out how to crochet a triangle!

You can get away with making a medium sized triangle with one skein of Caron Cakes (my new personal favourite yarn). Want to try making something a little bigger? Just keep adding more rows! I am in the process of making another one of these out of the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn. I am only about half way through the ball so far and it’s almost as big as the one I made with the Caron Cake yarn, so we will see!

What you will need:

  • Pretty much any hook between a 4.5mm – 6.00mm
    • I used a J/10-6.00mm
    • Gauge does not matter for this pattern
  • At least 350 meters of worsted weight yarn
    • The more yarn you use, the bigger your triangle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

How to start:

  • In a magic circle [ ch 2, dc 2, ch 2, dc 3 ] pull circle tight, ch 2, turn
    • You should have two double crochet clusters with a ch2 space in the middle
  • Dc 2 into the first stitch from the last round, work [ dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 ] in the ch 2 space, dc 3 into the space between the dc and the ch 2 from the beginning previous round, ch 2, turn
    • You should have 4 double crochet clusters
  • Dc 2 into the first stitch from the last round, dc 3 in the space between the two double crochet clusters from the previous round, work [ dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 ] in the ch 2 space, dc 3 into the space between the two double crochet clusters from the previous round, dc 3 into the space between the dc and the ch 2 from the beginning previous round, ch 2, turn

Keep repeating this pattern, adding two double crochet clusters for every row, until you are happy with the size of your triangle. I managed to make 28 rows with my Caron Cakes yarn before I needed to stop in order to save enough yarn to make my tassels!


Once you are satisfied with your triangle width, weave in your tails and get creative! You could leave this scarf plain the way it is, or you could add some fun tassels! I made three large tassels for each corner of my scarf and I love the way it turned out. Each tassel was about 4-5 inches, so it added a lot of length to my scarf.

Like I said, you are going to have a hard time NOT making these. Try using some chunky yarn and see what happens! Lace weight? That could take quite a while but I’m sure it would be beautiful.

I want to see your beautiful creations, so use the hashtag #grannytrianglescarf so I can see your marvelous work!


Thanks for reading, and happy crocheting – xoxo