New name, new pattern, new contest!

It’s been a long wait and a lot of work, but I finally changed all of my social media accounts and business names over to Strings & Things! I am so excited to finally take this step; I just feel so much more satisfied with my business. You can read a few posts back about some of the issues I was having with my old business name, Timeless Treasures. Strings & Things just has this adorable ring to it and I can’t stop saying it.

In celebration of this name change, I wrote a pattern for my new favourite beanie, The Great Canadian Beanie.asdfsdfDSC_0401

I have recently fallen in love with crocheting hats as well as wearing them. I’ve never been much of a hat person, until I started having to wake up early again for university. It was so wonderful to crawl out of bed, quickly hop in the shower, blow dry my hair, and slip on a hat. No one would be the wiser that I was sporting a crazy mop of curls under my cozy beanie.


I spent countless hours searching through blogs, Pinterest, and pattern sites to find that one beanie that would be absolutely perfect. I found nothing. So I designed my own.

I wanted a beanie that would be textured enough that it would be unique, but would be made out of usually one colour of yarn. I’m big on statement colours and matching outfits, so multi-coloured items tend to make my outfit choices laboured in the morning. This was a simple fix! And pom poms are super cute, so that was a bonus too. I also loved the look of knitted hats, but found the took much longer than I wanted them to, so I incorporated a few techniques that give this hat a look of both crochet and knitting.


If you would like to try this pattern out for yourself, there are a few places you can find it:

My Craftsy Store

My Etsy Store

My Ravelry Store

Not a crocheter? I have a listing for a custom coloured Great Canadian Beanie available for sale in my Etsy shop!

In celebration of all of these new things, I am also hosting a contest right now with another talented Canadian artisan!

contest picture

I am still a little new to the whole Instagram scene, so Haven Yarn & Goods and I have teamed up to share this amazing contest. She was kind enough to supply some of her beautiful hand-dyed yarn so I could try my new pattern out with it. I can’t get enough of the gorgeous colour variation in this yarn! So pretty!

If you’d like to enter the contest, you can check out my Instagram account for more details, or search @strings.and.things or @havenyarn on Instagram if you are on your phone.

Check back in early February for a free pattern!




Free Pattern – Brioche Head Wrap (to knit)

Hello again, back with a free pattern! I call this the Brioche Head Wrap.


Honestly, I am not entirely sure what “brioche” means other than that it is the name of the stitch that is used and I believe it is French. I just love the way it sounds! This pattern is super easy and works up fairly quickly. On a good day, I could probably make about 10 of these.

The best part about this pattern is that it is totally customizable! You can adjust the width by how many stitches you cast on and the length by how many rows you complete. This head wrap can be made for girls and women of literally all ages!

Brioche Head Wrap Pattern – To Knit


Supplies Needed:

  • Size 9 knitting needles
  • About 100 yards worsted weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Gray Heather)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


Cast on 22 stitches for the wrap in your favourite method (or any other even numbered amount of stitches if you wish to adjust the width).

Work in the brioche stitch until your head wrap is about 20 inches long (or other desired length). Purl Soho has a fantastic tutorial to learn the brioche stitch.

Cast off in your favourite method and leave a 10 inch tail for sewing.

Cast on 8 stitches for the knot in your favourite method.

Work in the brioche stitch until the piece measures about 5-6 inches long.

Cast off in your favourite method and leave a 10 inch tail for sewing.

Use your yarn needle to stitch the two ends of the wrap together. I used the mattress stitch to do this. I used my leftover yarn to cinch the seam together in preparation for the knot or band to go around. Either use the yarn to simply tie around the width of the wrap/seam and pull tightly, or you can weave the tail back through the seam, pull tightly, and knot.

Wrap the smaller knot/band around the seam. Stitch the two ends together and make a few stitches from the inside of the band to the wrap to secure it in place.

Knot and weave in your ends. Flip head wrap around so that the seam of the knot/band is facing the inside of the head wrap and won’t be visible when being worn.

Please note: This is a very stretchy knit so it will stretch up to an extra 4 inches in length. It may take some practice, but it is very easy with the brioche stitch to accidentally make a head wrap that is way too big because of the stretch! You are free to sell this head wrap or make as gifts, but please credit me with the pattern.

Ta daa! You now have a super adorable, warm and cozy head wrap! This style seriously looks amazing on everyone.


If you don’t know how to knit, you can purchase one from my Etsy shop.

Share your pictures in the comments of your finished products and please feel free to ask any questions you have!


New things are coming for 2016

2015 has been a year of learning for me. New stitches. New patterns. New computer skills. It has been… overwhelming. But I am extremely thankful for every single thing.

These past few months have been difficult in terms of balancing a never ending order list for the Christmas season, a full school semester, as well as my “real” job; not to mention spending time with family and friends, eating… sleeping… I have had to make the choice of my business over extra social time or even staying up an hour or two later every night since about September. It was tiring, but I don’t regret my choices. In fact, they have motivated me to really change the way I have been operating my business and how I balance my time.

During the year of 2016 I am going to be implementing a few changes. First of all, my business name is Timeless Treasures, but it won’t be for much longer! I chose my current business name the night before my first craft fair about 3 years ago and just stuck with it because I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be carrying on. Now that I have made the choice to keep working on this dream of mine, it’s about time I re-branded!

I will also be moving most of my sales over to Etsy and Made Urban (a Canadian version of Etsy). Currently I do most customer communication through my Facebook page and a little through email. I will be listing more “ready to ship” products per month as well as a few custom listings. Sales will still be accepted through Facebook and email communication, maybe even Instagram! But I would love to grow my Etsy profile and ranking.

As for my products, I will be creating my very first product line for the entire year! In the past, I just took custom orders and made whatever my customers wanted. I love taking on custom orders, but sometimes they are difficult if the patterns were inaccessible or not allowed to be made to sell. In the past few months I have probably made about 20 different styles of scarves, maybe one or two of each. As much as I love trying new patterns and figuring out how to make crazy custom orders, it was costly for me to do and took a lot more time. For this reason I will be maintaining a product line with a variety of different items and styles, and they will remain consistent for the entire year. When 2017 comes around I will have new designs ready to make and display!

Diving a little further into my new product line, I have decided that my products will primarily be for women and not so much for children. The styles will be perfectly suited to any woman over the age of 13. I am designing my products based on things that I would love wearing and what I think would look beautiful on any woman. Everything will be fashionable, but also super warm and practical. I am from the West coast of Canada and it gets pretty chilly over here for a good part of the year, so chunky and squishy knits and the best! The rainy weather and city life has been the main inspiration to my designs. It has helped me create things that can be worn with any outfit that will also keep you warm. Pops of colour and gorgeous neutrals will be featured in every design. I can’t wait to show everyone!

Another goal (or two) of mine for this year is to get my products into a few new local stores as well as attend larger trade shows. Currently you can find Timeless Treasures products in Embellish Emporium on the Sunshine Coast, Steamers Coffee in Abbotsford, and Nerd Haven Games in down town Abbotsford. I have another set up for the New Year, but I won’t give that away yet until it’s official!  In the past I have done multiple smaller markets. It was great to meet all of the different people and connect with the different businesses that attended each market, but it was difficult to work around my school schedule. The summer months will be prep time and in the Fall and Winter I will attend maybe 2 or 3 larger markets instead of 6 or 7 smaller ones.

Aside from my products, I am going to be really focusing on my blog. This will be a great way for me to share my progress, new products, pictures, and even patterns (yes some will be free)! I am starting with an extremely small goal of one new post per month just in case, but I am hoping for more as I get in the swing of things.

2016 is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to get started!